Ep. 326: Can You Roll Down A Window On A Supersonic Jet?

In this one I tell you about:

  • Toney hitting a deer with her car
  • the new roof we need to have installed (ugh!)
  • the incredibly-stupid Airport ’79
  • the giant beer festival we attended at the original Woodstock site
  • three items from the Surf Report news desk
  • and new calls to the hotline from Steve in NEPA and Ian in Scotland

I hope you enjoy it, thanks for listening!

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Referenced in the episode:

Deer damage

Richie Cunningham following a beer festival?

Some high-stupidity from Airport ’79

Intellivision Lock ‘n’ Chase

Intellivision Night Stalker

Ian’s Instagram

The beer samples I had at the TAP New York Beer Festival:

Common Roots Brewing Light Years Ahead IPA

Paradox Brewery The Industry West Coast IPA

Hopshire Farm and Brewery Haze in the Hollow New England IPA

Destination Unknown Beer Company Hazy Escape Session IPA

Upward Brewing Golden Ratio New Zealand Pale Ale

Tradewinds Brewing House Boat IPA

Sloop Brewing Juice Bomb Northeastern IPA

Pressure Drop Brewing Auto Flower Hazy IPA

Community Beer Works High Tee Pale Ale

Mill House Brewing Company PK Pale Ale

Wild East Brewing Triumph Lager

Keg & Lantern Brewing Beyond the Haze New England Style IPA

Brindle Haus Brewing IPA

Bolton Landing Brewing Big Squeeze Imperial IPA

Stony Point Brewing Hessian Session IPA

Seneca Lake Brewing American Wild Cask Ale

Hudson Ale Works The New Black Rye IPA

Wagner Valley Brewing Cross-Section IPA

Saranac Brewery Clouded Dream IPA

Industrial Arts Brewing State of the Art IPA

Bright Eye Beer Company Pixy Stix West Coast IPA

Prison City Brewing Haze On New England IPA

Catskill Brewery Devil’s Path IPA

Bridge and Tunnel Brewery Get In, Shut Up, Hold On IPA

SingleCut Beersmiths Weird & Gilley IPA

1940’s Brewing 1940’s Lager

Ithica Beer Company Flower Power IPA

Bullfinch Brewing Miniature Giant Space Hamster Session IPA

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2 thoughts on “Ep. 326: Can You Roll Down A Window On A Supersonic Jet?”

  1. Ian in Scotland

    No you can’t! Idiots. There are lots of really good, really bad movies out there. Sometimes the boundaries get a bit blurred. Take ‘Escape from New York’-my first ever video rental from the local shop, on Betamax, which was better btw. Excellent fun. Made in 1981 and set in an optimistically dystopian 1997! Great watching it afresh and thinking that this time, we really are going ‘back to the future’.
    On some level, it makes you feel a bit better. 👍

  2. Ian in Scotland

    On that note, I recall a few ‘time related science-fictiony type’ series that were on back in the seventies and eighties.
    Time Tunnel
    Fantasy Island
    Time Train (which was essentially Fantasy Island with a train, instead of a plane)
    We had ‘The Tomorrow People’

    Which was bizarrely a kids show on after school!
    And also ‘Sapphire and Steel’ Which had a crazy, crazy, premise for a TV show . I urge you check that out! Cut to 2.05 to get the gist of it.
    Crazy Times!

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