Ep. 278: Why Does Nobody Want To Talk About My Feet Bones?!

In this one I share some thoughts about the new episodes of Stranger Things, tell you about an issue I’m having with my feet bones, the annoying skepticism I’m encountering about my hair poofiness, and a goofy Netflix show we’re watching called Snowflake Mountain. All this and a fresh new hotline call from Sharon V. I hope you enjoy it, thanks for listening!

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1 thought on “Ep. 278: Why Does Nobody Want To Talk About My Feet Bones?!”

  1. The Qweezy Mark

    Stranger Things is obviously rooted in fantasy, but…Season 4 (especially Volume 2, which I’ve just started) is so jump-the-sharky that it’s hard to watch. It’s like The Fonz not only went water skiing in Hawaii, but he was piloting a nuclear jet ski through a herd of great whites while flippin’ off Marion and Howard with a Camel no filter hanging out of his mouth.

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