I Was A Guest On Producer Zipp’s Podcast!

A few days ago I recorded an episode of the usually-fantastic No Redeeming Qualities podcast with Producer Zipp. His podcast partner Bob is on a European vacation and Zipp has been having guests on the show while Bob is away. I can’t listen to this one, because I’m too self-critical and cringe-averse. My general feelings after recording it? It wasn’t a 100% disaster, but I certainly didn’t do well. I need to get better in this kind of setting. But Zipp was great, and I appreciate him having me on the show. There are some laughs, and you should definitely check out the episodes without me on it. It’s really funny and good. Or if you’re curious and/or enjoy reveling in my humiliation, you can listen to my episode. Here is your link. Sweet sainted mother of Aldo Nova!

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